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Alm. Brand provides company announcements to the stock exchange in Copenhagen with information on events in the Group which could affect the price of Alm. Brand A/S’s shares.

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      Alm. Brand Investor

      Alm. Brand Investor is published on a regular basis whenever there is a need to provide information to you as a shareholder, for instance in connection with the release of financial statements, shareholder fairs attended by Alm. Brand, extraordinary company announcements, critical press coverage, etc.

      In autumn 2015, the name of Alm. Brand Bladet was changed to Alm. Brand Investor.
      If you want to read previous versions of Alm. Brand Bladet, you can download them from the archives section.

      Please note that all content in this section is provided in Danish only.

      Previous versions of Alm. Brand Bladet

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