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You are always welcome to contact Alm. Brand's Investor Relations, who will answer your questions regarding the Alm. Brand Group.

Susanne Biltoft
Susanne Biltoft

Director, Communications & IR

Phone: +45 35 47 76 61
Mobile: +45 40 30 76 61
E-mail: abrslb@almbrand.dk

Mikael Bo Larsen
Mikael Bo Larsen

Investor Relations Manager

Phone: +45 35 47 79 22
Mobile: +45 51 43 80 02
E-mail: abmela@almbrand.dk

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IR policy


The objective of our investor relations communications policy is to provide precise communication about the group in order to ensure as correct a pricing of the group’s shares as possible.

Moreover, our information flows should ensure that enough information is available in the market to attract a sufficient number of investors.


The group ensures that all stakeholders have equal access to information which may affect the pricing of Alm. Brand’s shares. This is primarily done by releasing all necessary company announcements – including full-year and interim financial reports – via Nasdaq OMX.

Announcements are released simultaneously in Danish and English. Alm. Brand’s shares are admitted to Nasdaq Copenhagen’s LargeCap index, which places certain disclosure requirements on the group. The group complies with the vast majority of the Danish corporate governance recommendations.

Finally, the group holds a number of meetings with analysts and investors in Denmark and internationally. Through its website and directly through the Head of Investor Relations, the group ensures substantial accessibility and interaction between the group, its investors and other stakeholders.